About TBC

At The Benton Church, also known as TBC, we focus on offering our members a refreshing, uplifting, and fun worship experience. Whether you’re a regular church-goer, looking for a new church home, or you’re a first-time visitor exploring the Word of God, we welcome you with open arms.


We offer a church service on Sundays during which you can relax, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy a pastry or donut during the service. We offer both padded chairs and large tables, so you can choose the type of seating you prefer.



10:30am Onsite and Online

About Our Service:

Our service offers praise and worship, a respect of the hymns, intimate prayer, and Bible teaching from our pastor.  You’ll be sure to enjoy the experience in our carpeted, multi-purpose room. Our teachings are focused on exploring the Word of God and applying Bible teachings to today’s real-life challenges and struggles in a relevant, caring way.

There’s plenty of space, and the dress code is casual. Whether you like to wear dress clothes, jeans, or shorts, you’re welcome to dress however you please, though modesty is encouraged. If you have kids between the age of 0-3, you can make use of our nursery, which is available with care provided by an adult.


At TBC, we pride ourselves on being welcoming, and helping you feel at home, even if you’re a new believer, or just starting your journey in the Christian faith. Please feel free to come to TBC this Sunday at 10:30 AM for our service and meet our congregation!


Meet the group of people that makes things happen.

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