Rice Soup, Anyone?

Every August, we spend a Saturday morning packing food for Numana, a local non-profit with a worldwide distribution network; it’s a fun and worthwhile event for the whole family.  Numana provides dry goods: soy, rice, corn meal and other items to make a nutritious soup. Adults and teens pack the food into zip top bags (wearing the required really embarrassing hair nets) while the younger kids make forts out of the finished cases.  Soberingly, the foodstuffs provided by Numana are dietarily suitable for children and adults who have been chronically undernourished.

Numana delivers the food and all the packing equipment and supplies (and those ridiculous hair nets) in a truck the morning of the event.  We pitch in, pack the food, vacuum up a considerable amount of spilled rice, and are done by noon.

As worthwhile activities go, this one has traction.

TBC Supports Missionaries

Several years ago, TBC made a commitment to support missionaries who work primarily with people in other countries, introducing them to the gospel of Jesus Christ and making disciples around the world.  We currently support 12 missionaries, each representing a different missions organization.


We contribute financially to these ministries on a monthly basis; it’s part of our church budget.  Our Missions Team coordinates personal visits from them when they are home in the U.S. Periodically we provide updates during a worship service.