Services & Hours During Covid-19


Gathering on Sundays is a key part of what happens at The Benton Church (TBC). It gives us the opportunity to worship God in community. Thank you for staying connected with us while we all went online.

TBC will continue to gather for worship, but now you have the option of joining onsite or online. Here’s what you can expect:

New Time:

Time: 10:30am (one service) / No Sunday School (for a little while)
Location: Onsite at TBC and online

Onsite Guidelines:

-Gloved greeters will be there to open the door for you.
-Hand sanitizer and bulletins will be available as you enter (self-service).
-Masks and gloves will be offered at the door, though not required. Please respect the choices others make.
-Seating has been adjusted to aid in social distancing.
-Please be mindful of your proximity to other people (at least 6 feet) and refrain from physical touch.
-The building will be disinfected after each service.

What Onsite Worship Will Look Like:

“Greeting Time” will happen prior to the service beginning.
Leaders and speakers will be onstage to increase both space and distancing.
Offerings will be given by using the wooden boxes at the main doors.
Singing will continue as previously done.
Refreshments, Nursery, and Children’s Church will be paused.
As always, families are more than welcome to have their children stay with them.

For those joining online, simply click on one of the following links to join us:

YouTube – CLICK HERE or search: The Benton Church
Facebook – CLICK HERE or search: The Benton Church

Now, some of us will choose to come to the building for worship, while others will continue to join online. Both are totally okay! Each of our situations are different. So, please be wise in making your decision as to how/where you will worship God. TBC will do its best to maintain a clean environment and will graciously worship with all who gather… whether online or onsite.

Finally, we are so thankful to God that He is always with us. May this cause us to worship Him wherever we find ourselves. See you Sunday!