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SUNDAY SERVICE:  9:00am Blended  |   10:00am Sunday School  |   11:00am Contemporary

WORSHIP | What to Expect

TBC offers a refreshing and uplifting worship experience whether you’re a regular church-goer or a newbie.  Many of our people get a cup of coffee or tea or lemonade, a pastry, and choose to sit in the conventional seating area (padded chairs, quite comfortable) or at one of several tables where they can spread out and relax during the service.

Currently we offer two different worship services on Sunday morning.  The 9:00 service is a more blended service (sing from the PowerPoint, no liturgy, very relaxed), while the 11:00 service is even less traditional yet (combo band on stage).   We meet in a carpeted multi-purpose room, with a raised platform at the front, lots of space, and a couple of basketball goals for atmosphere.  (And for sweaty guys who all think they are Michael Jordan on a Sunday evening.)

In the early service we have a couple of virtuoso pianists who set the mood with uplifting and sometimes rousing accompaniment on piano and clavinova.

 Second service is served by a band with guitar, bass, trap set, the clavinova and a startlingly accomplished vocalist.

The dress code would probably not meet your grandfather’s expectations… jeans or shorts are commonly seen items.  Neckties not so much.

But make no mistake:  While worship at TBC is generally an entertaining experience, it is not entertainment.  We are convinced of the truth of Romans 10:17: “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.”  (ESV) Don’t be confused by the syntax; simply put, this verse means that faith grows in a believer’s heart as he or she hears what the Bible says.  Sermons are Word-centered and seek to relate orthodox Bible teaching to real life challenges and struggles in a fresh, relevant, caring and understanding way.

Spiritual Guidance

Learn more about our Sunday School and small groups that gather between services at 10am, meeting educational and spiritual needs of all ages.



Be baptized and confess faith before a loving and accepting congregation.


Nursery and Children's Worship options.


Listen & learn about current and past message series'.


Meet the Pastor

Born & raised in Minnesota, Justin is a fan of Jesus & family. When he can, he sneaks away to play basketball with anyone who will still let him and also enjoys movies, Batman, and learning what he can about leadership and coaching.

Justin committed his life to Christ at twenty-one and felt called into ministry right away...where he has been ever since.
Today, after serving as a youth worker, an associate pastor, a senior pastor, a conference staff member, and the starter of an organization, Justin is still serving Jesus in ministry, but the calling now includes his wife, Kara, and their three boys; Jakin, Asher, and Eli.

He began with The Benton Church in July of 2017.